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To get the most out of your diamond drilling tools, it is essential that they are used correctly. No matter how good the design and quality, 100% efficiency will not be obtained unless the bit is rotated at the correct speed, with the correct pressure applied to it, with an appropriate volume of flushing medium and without vibration.

Diamond drilling tools can be expensive items and should be treated with care. Diamonds can be knocked out or broken by impact loading and may be irrepairably damaged by excessive heat if the flushing medium fails. Diamonds can also be rendered ineffective if they allowed to become polished by running on hard rock with insufficient load.

This section of our web site presents all the technical information you will need to choose the most appropriate bit type and operating parameters for your application. The information is intended for guidance only and, because of widely varying ground conditions and equipment, there is no substitute for the experience gained through experimentation and practice in the field.

To find the data that interests you, please use the pulldown menu at the top of this page to jump to various topics within the Technical Data section.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or require specific technical advice about your application, please do not hesitate to use our free consultation service, available by visiting our Support section on this web site.


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Speeds and Feeds must be adjusted for optimum penetration

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